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Consolidated Cable

Workforce Quality & Management

As exclusive providers to the cable industry, we offer you focused, dedicated and comprehensive services that fulfill all of your contracting needs. At the same time, we never compromise on quality.

The Consolidated Cable Pledge to you:
  • Provide the highest quality, performance and integrity
  • Recruit and hire local, stable employees who are thoroughly screened
  • Develop and provide reliable, responsive and productive field representation
As a 100% employee‐based company, each of us has a vested interest in your success.

Our management philosophy is to empower our employees and grow from within, creating a positive and motivated culture in our workplace. In addition to detailed screenings and background checks before hiring a new team member, we keep annual reviews on record and create benchmarks for success. We believe in loyalty through stability and offer insurance benefits including medical, dental and vision; advancement from within; comprehensive training; classroom and field mentoring.

Responsible Business Practices

At Consolidated Cable, we are proud to report that we run a tight, responsible operation with no outstanding debt and the financial solvency to improve and develop operations when an opportunity arises. We keep an eye towards new market start-ups and have the wherewithal to make it happen.

XORA Workforce Management

Consolidated Cable uses XORA StreetSmart mobile workforce management solution to maximize field efficiency and performance. XORA can be loaded directly onto an employee’s smart device and allows the company to track collectors in the field and instantly identify their exact locations, plan their schedules, gather data from the field, and simplify other back-office processes like payroll. The application provides visibility into employees, jobs and locations and enables the company to view field reps, jobs, and locations on Google Maps, and generates reports that summarize where employees are, and whether they’re working in the field. It lets managers know how many hours field reps have worked or doors they’ve knocked in defined time frames, and when collectors enter or leave a location, and records arrival and departure times.

ResultTrack: a Detailed Performance Reporting and Work-Order Tracking Program

We also assure your satisfaction through ResultTrack, a work-order tracking and performance reporting program designed to streamline and add a quality assurance element to the daily work-order flow between the cable company’s in-house collection team and Consolidated Cable’s dispatch and field personnel. The program also gives the company the ability to generate non-pay and equipment recovery performance reports that can be analyzed by local field managers as well as client’s in-house collection team for the purpose of improving specific key performance indicators such as ‘customer saves’, ‘money collected’ and ‘equipment recovered.’

The ability to download daily non-pay detail reports (accounts to the field) into ResultTrack transfers much of the administrative responsibilities your in-house staff to Consolidated Cable’s local offices. For example, once the detail report is imported into ResultTrack, Consolidated Cable can print the field collection work orders from a dot-matrix printer onto three-ply forms at our local field office. Reports include:

    Reason Code Tally – provides totals overview of accounts that could not be saved and the reason why as expressed by the customer to the field collector

    Reason Code List – lists each individual account and the coinciding reason as to why the customer is not continuing service. The report also included pertinent customer contact information so dispatchers can call the customer for a final attempt to save the customer and provide thoughtful retention approaches based on the reason listed.

    Results Summary – provides totals overview of accounts that could not be saved and the reason why as expressed by the customer to the field collector

    Pay Type Summary – summary report showing all payments picked up by field collectors broken down by cash, check, credit card and EFT.

    Payment Bucket Tally – provides totals overview of accounts that could not be saved and the reason why as expressed by the customer to the field collector

    Equipment Tally – provides totals overview of equipment recovered in the field.

    Equipment Recovered – provides a complete listing of every account highlighting the field collector’s equipment recovery result. The report also includes all pertinent customer contact information so local dispatchers can supplement the recovery efforts by systematically making calls immediately after the field collector has turned in the completed work order.

    Issue Summary – a snapshot look at key performance indicators and percentages on a per collection cycle basis. ResultTrack continued.

    Incomplete Work Order – lists all outstanding work orders at any point during a field collection cycle.

    Manager’s Daily (Payment Log) – lists all previous days completed work orders where customers paid field collection rep. The report is used as log or cover sheet for daily turn-in to client’s in-house staff.

ResultTrack allows users to generate all reports in Excel or Access and by any combination of zip codes, defined work areas, individual reps, system totals and date ranges.

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